Donation Requests

Our Charitable Vision

We at Dark Horse Estate Winery pride ourselves on supporting our local communities.  We strive to provide delicacies and merchandise to our visitors, that showcase the variety of quality selections offered in our region. Supporting local is extremely important, now more than ever.  We support local charitable causes aimed at improving health, culture, education, and the environment.  Our focus is on supporting organizations that impact our region where our employees and vendors live and work.  It is an honour to have been able to support so many different charitable organizations and events throughout the years.  Our company is always looking for ways to give back and further enrich our community.

Donation Criteria

The organization should align with our charitable vision (see above), and serve the communities in our local region.

At the discretion of Dark Horse Estate Winery, donations may include:

  • gift certificates
  • tours
  • wine tastings, or tasting kits
  • bottle(s) of wine
  • merchandise from our establishment

*Please note that we do not provide cash donations.

Donation allotment considerations:

  • We ask that the organizations pick up the donations. We do not mail out donations.
  • The type of fundraising event must meet our criteria.  We are unable to support personal events (this includes wedding socials), or political causes.  If you are a charitable organization, school, sports team, etc. looking to fundraise with us, please fill out our fundraising form.
  • The projected amount to be raised will be considered.
  • The geographic location of the organization, program, or project must be within a reasonable distance from our establishment.

Due to the large volume of donation requests that we receive, we ask that all requests are submitted online using the form below.

We can only guarantee a response to successful requests for support.  Therefore, if we believe that your request meets our criteria, we will be in touch with you.  
Requests must be received at least 6 to 8 weeks prior to the date of the event in order to be considered.