Wine Tasting

Let our skilled staff take the reins and guide you through our extensive catalogue of wines while you savour every flavour and note.

Dark Horse Estate Winery Wine Tasting


Structured Tastings: 

Enjoy a structured tasting at the Dark Horse Estate Winery Tasting Bar. 

Taste the flavours of Dark Horse Estate Winery on our structured tasting journey led by our in house wine experts ~ endearingly known as our wine jockeys. We’ll walk you through a structured tasting of three pre-select wines (1oz each) then you’ll choose your fourth, and final wine (3oz), from our wine menu. 

Your structured tasting includes 4 wines total. First three(3) are preselected 1 oz pours each, Fourth(4) is your choice from available wines with a 3oz pour. 

Anyone present at the tasting bar, must be 19+. Please note we have limited spots available at the tasting bar, you must purchase a tasting spot to be present at the tasting bar. 

Max 6 people per booking. $25/pp (+ tax). 

Includes 20 minute structured tasting at our tasting bar. *Wine feature varies and is subject to change. No refunds. 19+ only.

Available Thursday – Sunday, 2pm-5pm.  BOOK ONLINE

For a private structured tasting for your party of 10+ people, please inquire for options.